Ayurveda is based on the idea that all people have doshas and that these are influenced by the five elements of the universe (space, air, fire, water and earth).

The doshas are basic energies that exist in each organism, in different proportions. The dominant element is the one that determines the main dosha, while the secondary is the one present in a smaller proportion.

It is through the balancing of these three doshas that each individual's physical and mental well-being is determined.

Below are some main characteristics of each dosha:

Vatha Dosha:

Elements: Space & Air

They tend to be thinner, lighter and even fragile.

Other characteristics of this dosha: creative expression, enthusiasm, quickness in carrying out tasks, tendency to have bowel-related imbalances, fragile joints, and excessive worries.

Pitha Dosha:

Elements: Fire & Water

The fire element predominates, characterizing this Dosha as the hottest and most intense. They tend to be strong and generally have an average body type.

Other characteristics of this dosha: charisma, ability to speak well articulated, attraction to challenges, determination, entrepreneurial streak and quick thinking. They also have a great digestive capacity, which contributes to maintaining a relatively stable weight.


Elements: Water & Earth

They are usually individuals with a more robust structure, who have good physical resistance with a tendency to colder and oily skin.

Other characteristics of this dosha: in terms of personality, they tend to be more peaceful, tolerant and affectionate. They have slower digestion, which makes it difficult to maintain a stable weight, but they have good resistance to disease.

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