Cookie Policy


Cookies are small files, typically made up of text, that are stored in the computer or mobile devices when a user visits our online store. Cookies helps the store recognise the user and the device every time the store is revisited. Therefore, cookies, in this area, are the files that gather information in this way. 

However, the cookies do not collect information that identifies the user, gathering rather generic information. For example, how did the user enter and use our online store or the geographical location in which the online store was accessed. Additionally, the cookies store information rated to the user’s preferences.

However, the user may at any time, through the browser decide to be notified regarding the reception of cookies, as well as blocking the entrance of cookies on their navigation systems. Nevertheless, refusing the use of cookies in our online store may results in the impossibility of having access to some of our areas or of receiving personalised information.


Cookies are used to aid in identifying the access of the user to the online store, the interests of the user and the numbers of times the user accessed the online store, allowing thus for a faster and more effective navigation eliminating the need to reintroduce the same information again.


  • Essential cookies- some cookies are essential to access specific areas of the store. They allow for the navigation and the use of its application, as well as for the access to secure area accessed through login. Without these cookies, the services that demand these cookies are inaccessible. 
  • Analytical cookies- The store uses these cookies to analyse the form in which the user interact with the store and monitor the performance of the online store. Hence, we can provide a high quality experience and personalise our offer, quickly identifying and correcting any problems.
  • Performance cookies- The online store uses the cookies to realise which are the pages with greater access, what is the most effective means of navigation from one page to another or, in other circumstances, to determine the problem in pages with error message. These cookies do not collect personal information. They only serve for statistical analysis. 
  • Functionality cookies- Functionality cookies allow for the recall of the users preferences. For example, they avoid the need to write the users name every time the online store is accessed. In addition, cookies allow us to store the user’s preferences, meaning that the store does not have to be reconfigured very time it is visited. 
  • Third Party Cookies- they measure the success of the applications and the efficiency of the advertisements of third parties. 
  • Advertisement cookies- Used to direct the advertisement in the interests of each use, allowing us to limit the number of time that a give ad is shown on search pages. These cookies aid, without identifying the user, in measuring the efficient of the advertisements.

Regarding the validity of these may be: 

  • Permanent cookies- They are store in the browser component of our access device (computer, mobile or tablet) and are used every time the user visits the site. Generally they are use to direct the navigation in accordance to the interests of the user, allowing the store to provide a personalised experience.
  • Session cookies- Temporary, they remain in the browser cookies until the user leaves the site. The obtained information allows the identification of problems and for a better navigation experience. 


After the authorisation of the use of cookies, the user may always deactivate part or all of our cookies, yet by blocking the cookies, parts of out store may not function as intended.


Our newsletters may, for purely statistical reasons, contain a singular “pixel” that allows us to know if these newsletters are opened and verify the clicks through the link or ads inside the newsletters. The user may always cancel the delivery of the newsletter to their personal area.