Privacy policy

Spa Ceylon Portugal always seeks to consolidate solid relationships with its clients, based on transparency and trust. This Privacy Policy describes who we are, why and how we collect, manage and handle your data, with whom we share it, for how long we store it, as well as how you can get in contact with us and exercise your rights. 


Your data will be collected by Benefitcircuit no 515610348 headquartered in Rua Ivone Silva, No 6, 13 Esqo 1050-124 Lisboa, henceforth designated as “Spa Ceylon” or “us”.

Spa Ceylon Portugal is responsible for the treatment of the personal data it collects and handles, as directed by the General Data Protection Regulation. 


We only collect personal data when such is necessary to comply with the legal obligations that apply to us, or if such data collection is necessary for the execution of a contract or pre-contractual diligences to them associated, of which it is the case, notably, transactions carried out online. We might collect data if for such there is a legitimate interest to do so as long as doing so is in conformity with the applicable legislation and data subject’s rights, as can occur notably for:

  • Communication with our clients
  • Recruitment of collaborators
  • Website development and maintenance
  • Technical support
  • Fraud detection and prevention
  • Network and data protection 
  • Provision of information on Spa Ceylon Portugal’s activities. 

When none of the remaining legal conditions are apt to support the collection of data, we will only collect the information we have obtained with the consent of the data’s subject wherein the use of this personal data will be intended strictly for specific, explicit and legitimate reasons. 


We only store personal data for the period required for the observation of the purposes for which these have been collected. In specific cases, the conservation of data may occur for longer periods of time, notably when the Law demands such. 


The security of the information and data protection is of the utmost importance to Spa Ceylon. We implement and ensure the maintenance of adequate protection methods so that our internal procedures for the security of personal data are in conformity with the current regulation. Moreover, we java develop the necessary efforts to ensure that third-parties that collaborate with our brand under contract, either as partners or as service providers, guarantee an adequate level of data protection. We limit access to personal data to specific employees, granting access solely when such access is justified by their functions. We take the necessary measures to ensure the safe treatment of personal data. Especially, we take cautionary measures to protect the loss and the abuse of personal data, using security procedures to avoid non-authorized access to personal data. All of the data collected is stored in servers that offer security assurances. Our systems and security policies are submitted to periodical analysis in order to guaranty that the state is secure and protected. 

Additionally, We respect the confidentiality of our information. As such, we do not sell, distribute nor grant any access in any other commercial means to your personal data to third parties. Spa Ceylon Portugal assumes the commitment to maintaining your information confidential as prescribed in this Privacy Policy and the applicable legal means. 


At any point, the data subjects can:

  • Request access to information- the data subject has a right to obtain confirmation of the data concerning him is or is not being processed, and if such is the case, to obtain access to the personal data and the information as prescribed by the lawe
  • Request the correction of the data if such in incorrect or incomplete- the data subject has the right to have Spa Ceylon Portugal, promptly, rectify the inaccurate and incomplete data concerning him.
  • Request the erasure of their personal data- the data subject has the right to request to Spa Ceylon Portugal the erasure of their personal data, promptly, with the obligation to erase data, promptly, when one of the following reasons is applicable:
    • Personal data necessary for the purpose for which this data was initially collected and stored
    • The subject is opposed to the collection and there are no legitimate interests prevailing that justify the collection: or
    • The subject has withdrawn their consent to the collection of data (in cases wherein this collection is based on consent) and there is no other reasoning for the referred collection
  • Request the limitation of the collection of their personal data- the data subject has the right to request Spa Ceylon Portugal to the treatment of their data if applicable, namely, one of the following circumstances:
    • Contest the accuracy of the personal data, during a time period that allows Spa Ceylon to determine their accuracy
    • If the treatment of data is lawful and the data subject’s opposed the erasure of personal data and request, in contrast, the limitation of their use
    • Spa Ceylon Portugal no longer requires the subject’s personal data, yet this data has been requested by the subject for declaration purposes, exercise of defence or a right in a judicial process.
    • If opposed to the treatment, until it is verified if the legitimate purposes of the responsible for the treatment prevail over the data subject’s
  • Opposing the collection of data- the data subject, 1) in the cases in which the treatment of data is carried out in the legitimate interests pursued by Spa Ceylon Portugal: or 2) the treatment of data is carried out for direct marketing effects: or 3) defining the profiles: may still, at any time, oppose the collection of their personal data.
  • If the treatment depends on consent, the subject has the right to remove such consent- if the consent is legally binding for the treatment of personal data, the data subject has the right to remove consent at any point, even though this right does not compromise the legality of the treatment carried out on the basis of prior consent nor on the case of prior treatment of this data, based on another legal basis, as is the case with the contract and legal obligations to which Spa Ceylon Portugal is subject to.

The data subjects may, at any moment, exercise their rights, through the email address

Your requests will be treated with special care in order for us to ensure the efficiency of your rights. It might be requested of you to prove your identity in order to ensure that the sharing of personal data is done solely by the data subject. 

It must be noted that in certain cases (for example, due to legal requisites) your request may not be immediately satisfied. 

In any means, the data subject will be informed of measures taken for such reasons, in a period of a month from which the request is made. 

There also stands the right to present a complaint to the National Commission for Data Protection