Discover the perfect gift with Spa Ceylon!

Descubra o presente perfeito com a Spa Ceylon!

We know that Christmas, although it is a magical time, also brings a lot of doubts when it comes to gifts.
In this article we will show you some of our suggestions for special gifts for your loved ones.

Ceylon Gift Sets

If you are one of those people who loves to give kits or gift sets, we can help you buy your gifts this year.
We have three new gift sets especially for this Christmas. Embark on a journey through Ceylon with our unique aromas.

Island Rose

A luxuriously vivacious floral bouquet of exotic oriental roses with a soft touch of violets and geraniums, takes you on a romantic escape to the gardens of the misty mountains of ancient Ceylon. It combines top notes of Sparkling Cassis, Ceylon Citrus, Tropical Lemons and Delicate Mountain Herbs, rising to a large floral heart of Ceylon Rose Otto, softened with Sweet Violets and Lush Geranium. Its calming base is composed of Soft Woods, Amber and Musk, sweetened by a whisper of Ceylon Vanilla. Blended with the precious aromatic essential oil of Rose Geranium.

Night Jasmine

A luxurious and sophisticated oriental floral bouquet of night jasmines that glow with Island Champaka and Ceylon Orchids that take you on a romantic sunset escape to the seaside Royal Gardens of ancient Ceylon. It combines top notes of Ceylon Naarang, Exotic Ivy and Champaka Flower, leading to a heart of Violets, Oriental Roses and Exotic Orchids. Base notes of Wild Ceylon Plum, Mountain Berries and Musk perfect the exotic aroma. Blended with aromatic and invigorating Jasmine essential oil.

Royal Lotus

A combination of Ceylon Frangipani and Island Magnolia, it takes you on a sensual escape to the moonlit Royal Lotus Lakes of ancient Ceylon. It combines top notes of Ceylon Citrus, Tropical Lemon and Ceylon Lime, highlighted with Velvety Sweet Peach and Rose Buds. An invigorating base of dark amber, island woods and soft musk perfects the intoxicating scent. Blended with hypnotic aromatic Ylang Ylang essential oil.

Mini Treats

Our mini treats are the perfect gift for those who love the magic of Christmas and love decorative elements.
In addition to containing our magnificent Ayurvedic products, it is a decorative element differentiated by its colors and shapes.

Pink Lotus

The PINK LOTUS Mini Treats Gift Ball includes:

PINK LOTUS ALMOND intensive hand cream 10g
Luxury Soap with ALMOND PINK LOTUS 50g
PINK LOTUS body lotion 30ml

Frankincense Kaffir Lime

The FRANKINCENSE KAFFIR LIME Mini Treats Gift Ball includes:
FRANKINCENSE KAY LIME Intensive Hand Cream 10g
DE-STRESS Body Elixir 30ml

Ceylon Spa Rituals

Our rituals are also an excellent choice to offer. Our therapeutic ranges were formulated to promote well-being and solve everyday problems such as insomnia, stress and lack of energy.


A formula that cares for the body, mind and soul infused with precious Ayurveda WonderHerbs and pure aromatic essential oils to warm, clarify and energize the senses.

A rich, deeply hydrating blend that combats lack of energy with the help of cinnamon. Cinnamon is an Ayurvedic super ingredient known for its stimulating properties. It helps you feel awake and more energetic, while stabilizing sugar levels, preventing fatigue and tiredness.

Organic Sri Lankan Cinnamon helps to invigorate and revitalize the body and mind, gently relieving stress.

Sleep Intense

Enter into a relaxation ritual before bed with this selection of intensely peaceful natural formulas, blended with powerful Ayurvedic herbs and potent essential oils to promote chakra balance and a deep, restful sleep.


A selection of comforting and harmonizing natural formulas infused with powerful Ayurveda herbs and potent essential oils to calm and de-stress the body and mind.

This Christmas, offer Ayurvedic well-being with Spa Ceylon!

All Spa Ceylon products are made with natural Sri Lankan ingredients according to the powerful science of Ayurveda.