According to Ayurveda all people have doshas and they are influenced by the five elements of the universe (Space, air, fire, water and earth).

Doshas are basic energies that exist in each organism, in different proportions.

The dominant element is what determines the main dosha, while the secondary is the one present in the least proportion.

It is through the balance of these three doshas that the mental and physical wellbeing of each individual is determined.

Discover below some main characteristics of each dosha:


Vatha Dosha:


Elements: Ether + Air

They tend to be thinner, lighter and even fragile.

Other characteristics of this dosha: creative expression, enthusiasm, very mentally and physically active and anxious. They also have a tendency to suffer with constipation, dry skin and fragile joints.

Pitha Dosha:

Elements: Water + Fire

Pitha is dominated by the fire element, which makes this dosha the warmest and most intense one. They tend to be strong and generally have an average body type.

Other characteristics of this dosha: charisma, well-articulated speech, attraction to challenges, determination, natural leadership and quickly learning skill . They also have an excellent digestive capacity, which contributes to maintaining a relatively stable weight.


Kapha Dosha:

Elements: Earth + Water

They are usually individuals with a more robust structure, who have good physical resistance with a tendency to a cooler and oily skin.

Other characteristics of this dosha: They tend to be more calm, tolerant, affectionate and have a good resistance to diseases. Their metabolism tends to be slow and they also have slower digestion, which makes it difficult to maintain a stable weight.


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