Do you feel stressed? Find out how to relieve stress!

Sente-se stressada? Saiba como aliviar o stress!

In the busy times we live in today, it's not always easy to find a moment to unwind and relax!
Suffering from stress is an increasingly recurring problem and therefore it is essential that you know how to relieve stress to feel more comfortable.

Let's start with the simplest, after all, what is Stress?

According to the Portuguese dictionary, the word stress is defined as “A set of organic and psychic disturbances caused by various stimuli or aggressive agents, such as the cold, an infectious disease, an emotion, a surgical shock, very active and hectic living conditions. ”

"stress", in Dicionário Priberam da Língua Portuguesa [online], 2008-2023, .

To summarize in a simpler way, stress is the body's natural reaction to adverse situations.

As it is a reaction to situations such as danger or threat, stress puts the body in defense mode and alert mode, which results in muscle tension and headaches. These types of sensations are harmful to the body and can lead to deep discomfort.

Given this, how can we alleviate Stress?

The answer is obvious! The way to relieve stress is through relaxation!

Relaxation is effective in reducing muscle tension as it helps reduce cortisol levels, relaxing the muscles and increasing the feeling of well-being.

Relaxing the body can be done through several options such as:

  • Practice physical exercise
  • Practice breathing exercises
  • Do daily stretches
  • Take breaks from work
  • Maintain a balanced diet
  • Set aside time for leisure activities
  • Create a relaxation and relaxation ritual

Dedicate just 15 minutes a day to one of our suggestions, and you will feel a difference in your stress levels! Physical exercise is one of the most used options to release tension in the body. Nowadays, with the use of new technologies you can exercise without even leaving home.

However, Spa Ceylon has created a range especially dedicated to relieving stress so that you can feel comfortable at any time and quickly!

How can the De-Stress range help you relax?

At Spa Ceylon, we have developed the De-Stress range, a selection of comforting and harmonizing natural formulas, infused with powerful Ayurvedic herbs and potent essential oils, to relieve stress, body and mind.

The energizing combination of Tangerine & Kaffir Lime promotes clarity and refreshes the senses, while calming Sandalwood helps harmonize and balance the chakras.

Deeply calming incense helps the mind relieve stress.

By creating your De-Stress ritual you will be embarking on a journey of tranquility with the science of Ayurveda!

See more about how you can create your De-Stress ritual and end your day peacefully!