Do you feel tired? Recharge your energy with the help of cinnamon!

Sente-se cansada? Recarregue as energias com a ajuda da canela!

Looking for a natural way to energize yourself? Discover the magic of cinnamon in our Energize range, designed to give you a revitalizing boost the Ayurvedic way!

Is it possible to recharge your energy with the help of cinnamon?

Recharging your energy is extremely important for your health in general.
The body shows signs of tiredness and it is essential that you take some time for yourself and balance your energy levels.
Cinnamon is an Ayurvedic super ingredient known for its stimulating properties. It helps you feel awake and more energetic, while stabilizing sugar levels, preventing fatigue and tiredness.
Organic Sri Lankan Cinnamon helps to invigorate and revitalize the body and mind, gently relieving stress.

How can you use Cinnamon in your daily life to feel more energetic?

It is quite easy to incorporate Cinnamon into your daily life, especially in the colder seasons.
In addition to delicious recipes such as cinnamon buns or cookies, you can always accompany them with tea.
Another, quite popular, way is to use incense to scent the rooms in your home with the fragrance of cinnamon.
In addition, you can also use creams formulated to activate circulation and energize the body.
At Spa Ceylon, we have developed the Energize Ritual - a selection of indulgent Ayurveda wellness formulas infused with precious, pure aromatic essential oils for warm, enlighten and energize the senses.

Energize Ritual

How to create your Energizing Ritual:

  1. Before showering, lightly apply our exfoliant to your entire wet body. Massage in circular movements for 2 minutes and wash off with water.

  2. Then use our invigorating shower gel. Pour into your palms and rub gently to activate the herbs. Massage and wash gently.

  3. To finish your ritual, use our body cream for deep hydration. Apply lightly to the entire body and hands. Massage and let it act.

Care for your body, mind and soul with this selection of Ayurveda wellness formulas, infused with precious Ayurveda Wonder Herbs and pure aromatic essential oils to warm, clarify and energize the senses.