5 Gift Ideas!

5 Ideias para Presentes!

We know that choosing a gift is not always an easy task! For that reason, we wanted to make your life easier and created a list of 5 perfect gift ideas to surprise your loved ones.

Check our 5 ideas for inspiration!

De-Stres Roll Balm

The De-Stress range is a favorite of our male customers!

Our De-Stress Balm is the ideal gift for anyone who suffers from anxiety and constant headaches!

Easy to carry in your bag, our balm, formulated with powerful Ayurveda herbs, is deeply calming and helps relieve stress.

A gift to promote well-being and relaxation!



This is the gift for when you don't know what to choose, it can never go wrong!

Who doesn't like to come home and feel a fragrant aroma?

That's why incense sticks are always a good choice when it comes to gifts!

Our incenses help to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere in any room.


Choose one of our bestsellers to surprise your loved ones!



Energise Body Scrub

In the fast pace we live today, it's normal for tiredness to win from time to time. At Spa Ceylon, we created the Energize range to make you feel recharged after a long day at work!

Our Energise body scrub is the right choice for anyone who loves taking care of their skin and feels that hey need to recharge their batteries.

A body scrub that leaves you feeling energized and refreshed. It is a perfect ally for any skin as it purifies the skin, clears clogged pores and removes toxins and dead cells.


Sleep Intense Massage Serum

Insomnia has become a very recurring problem and difficult to fight!

Our Sleep Intense range is was created to improve sleep health by promoting deep, restful sleep. Its phenomenal results make it Spa Ceylon's best-selling range.

Our massage serum is perfect for a relaxing massage and a good night's sleep.


Virgin Coconut – Cleansing Solution

This is the gift for anyone who loves to take care of their skin!

A cleansing solution with the purest coconut oil that helps remove impurities and protect the skin's balance.

Soothes and comforts the skin, promoting its vitality.

And with an irresistible coconut scent!


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